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Step Into Release

Our Divine Download for December 11, 2020 is Release from the Fairy Tarot Cards. This would be the Death card in other Tarot interpretations, but this card is rarely, if ever actually about death. Rather, it is about transformative change that is so deep, so profound that it release us from that which has previously bound us. So it's not so much about the death part of the equation, but rather the release and rebirth parts. This is very much a card of movement and a card of change. And usually when this card comes up, it is a sign that everything will soon be coming up roses, if perhaps it sort of hasn't been in the past. Release often occurs in a space of learning, when you have learned what you were meant to learn and what you needed to from situations, you are able to release them in a synchronistic way. What attachments are blocking you from progress and joy? What do you feel is preventing you from your freedom to change? Where is your sphere of influence and your circle of control within those situations that feel prohibitive and binding to you? It's time to move, it's time to grow, it's time to change. This change is welcomed, even desired. You're being guided to go forth boldly in an exciting new direction. When was the last time that you felt excited about your direction in life? When was the last time that you felt truly excited about anything? Moving, growing, and changing often isn't easy, and can even be challenging, but you are being assured that your future is technicolor bright and boldly magical if you are willing to just take those first steps towards happiness. Any endings that you experience at this time are necessary and usher in the energy of possibility for amazing new opportunities. The transformation that will follow your release is sure to be one where you emerge more brilliant and more beautiful than you've ever been before. Be willing to let go. Be willing to step forward. You'll be so very glad that you did.


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