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Strength in the Here and Now

Our Divine Download for Sunday April 12, 2020 is Consciousness/Present Power bringing us Strength in the Here and Now. Today is Easter Sunday for those who celebrate, and for many it is normally a time of family and church and togetherness, a time of celebration and joy. Holidays are sometimes rough for many people in the absence of a global pandemic and shelter in place orders, but this year it will be hard in some ways for all of us in much different ways. The gentleman featured on our card today holds the chains to two very powerful beasts in his hands, one representing the past, the other representing the future. Yet he is in complete control as neither beast can run away or consume him. You too are in a position of strength when you keep your thoughts focused on the present moment of today and are ready to take whatever actions needed to support you or those in your immediate household. This doesn't mean not to feel feelings of sadness or anger as they arise, but allow them to flow through you in their present moments so as not to get stuck there. Staying mindful not to block out the joy or to let the beasts of past or future overshadow your joy or your peace to such an extent that you do not notice that it's there. Joyous opportunities are opening up for you at this time. You're now capable of taming any rampant or fragmented energies by staying strong and staying in the present moment. That is truly all that it takes to master these beasts. The past is over, and the future will bring beautiful blessings as long as you continue to be conscious of your present power. You reclaim your power, your great strength and great power any time you bring your mind back to the present. What a miraculous gift! You remember your power by choosing trust, optimism, and gratitude. When you bring these energies to the present, great healing of the past can occur, creating happiness and joy in the present, which opens up exciting new opportunities for the future you dream of. The affirmation for this card is "This present moment is my source of power. I release any worries about the past or future, and I choose peace right now." And so it is!

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