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Strengthen Your Connection to Your True Power

Our Divine Download for May 23, 2020 is Angel of Strength from the Energy Oracle Cards. This Angel of Strength comes to us reminding us of our personal power and inner strength. We've forgotten who we are and what's worse, we've forgotten what we're made of! This is a time of increasing personal power for you, and a time for you to be direct and firm, especially in the speaking of your personal truth. You're capable (more than capable) of taking greater control over situations in your life to truly direct your destiny. The power that you are connected to which comes from within is infinite and stretches out beyond the known bounds of the Universe. The unlimited resources of the Universe flow through you at this time, feeding your inner strength and inner reserves and helping you manifest tangible results. If you have been challenged perceiving the truth of your own power, know that even in situations that feel dire and overwhelming you absolutely have the strength to see it through to a successful outcome. Do not allow yourself to slip back into old patterns of powerlessness as they did not serve you then and do not serve you now. Call upon the Angel of Strength if you're just not feeling yours yet and take the time to meditate on her external power that also flows within and through you. It's time to take back control. It's time to be strong enough to do what's necessary to make your dreams a reality. The Affirmation for this card is: "Deep within me is an abiding strength that knows no bounds. I have all the power I need to achieve all that I want." And so it is!

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