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Stretch and Grow

Our Divine Download for December 8, 2022 is Stretch from the Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards. This can be a gentle reminder that we need specific physical movement by stretching our physical bodies. We don't stretch enough. Not as individuals, not as a society. That is in part why we are so prone to injury, as individuals and as a society. Our bodies aren't meant to spring into action and to be pushed in certain ways, and it is almost always advisable to move more gradually at first, and stretching is a wonderful way to allow our bodies to do that. In the same manner, our bodies also aren't designed for, nor do they particularly appreciate hard stops, but they do much better with stretching following rigorous activity. This card can also mean that we need to push ourselves and stretch in a more metaphorical way as it pertains to our personal growth, and our mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. What are you willing to stretch in order to reach for and achieve? When was the last time that you stretched towards your growth? How can you make this type of stretching a meaningful part of your life? Your Angels wouldn't be asking you to stretch if they didn't know that you are ready to grow. When we purposefully reach for and stretch towards our personal growth, it makes the process of growth a little gentler and a little easier. Challenge yourself to see all of the ways that you can stretch on a daily basis.

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