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Summer Time Heart Vibes

Our Divine Download for May 5, 2024 is Summer from The Sacred Cycles Oracle. Though we are still about six-ish weeks away from the summer season in the northern hemisphere, our gifts are welcome and needed in the world right now. Warmth radiates around and within you during the height of the summer season. At the peak point of the Earth's own Sacred Cycle, there is an abundance of natural beauty to be witnessed all around you. Bountiful crops, beautiful blooms, longer days of sunlight, time spent with loved ones - this is a time of massive expansion and connection. Just as the earth provided many offerings for your nurturing and nourishment, you are now being asked to share your own gifts. If you have been working on something but have played your cards close to your chest, the time has come for you to show your hand and let others in on the magic you are creating. If you are not quite sure that it is that you are supposed to be sharing at this time, consider what you have to offer from your big, bold, beautiful heart. Whatever first comes to mind, that is it. There is no need to make it complicated (so tell your ego that your intuition has got this one and that it can kindly take a seat and shut right up). Let your inner vibrant sunshine illuminate from your heart space. This is what the world needs most right now! You'll find connection with others from this abundant space of generosity. What does your heart most want to share right now? It's time to get to sharing.

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