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Supported New Beginnings

Our Divine Download for August 23, 2022 is Shamael/Beginnings from The Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards. Archangel Shamael is considered the divine guide and comes in for us now to alert us that extraordinary opportunities are dawning for us, which are drawing us to new people, new places, and new projects. Shamael wants to lovingly assist and support us and understands that anxiety often precedes and accompanies change. Archangel Shamael encourages us to call on all of the Archangels, with all of our intention and might, to support us right now, to help, in order to allow us to arrive exactly where we would like to be. In order to help this new beginning be as fruitful for you as possible, Archangel Shamael asks you to consider what it may be appropriate for you to release from your life in terms of old projects, old patterns of behavior, old ideas, even old acquaintances. You can see this new as as a time to be met by the sun of universal source with renewed vigor and well being, just like you are encouraged to greet each new day with love, hope, and joy. You can chant "Om Bhur Bhuva Svaha" which is the beginning of the Gayatri mantra, to help bring the new energies of your new beginning dancing through your life. Archangel Shamael asks you to affirm "May I be serene. May I trust my beginnings. May I love my curiosity. May I live in peace." And so it is!

An Integrative Reiki Session will help clear and balance any anxiety associated with your new beginning as well as assisting your body in letting go of any old energies that need to be released in order for your new beginning to successfully land. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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