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Surrender To Abundance & Success

Our Divine Download for March 26, 2023 is Surrender to Success from the Power of Surrender Cards. Are you ready to experience your success? Are you ready to embrace your success? Are you able to do so? What does success mean to you? What does success look like to you at this stage in your life? What might you be inadvertently doing to block your success right now? Sometimes we miss our successes because we are so busy looking for bigger, bolder, badder, or just different success that we fail to see the beauty that is unfolding in our lives right now. Sometimes we also fall into the trap of thinking "well, this didn't work out for me in the past, so it can't possibly work out for me now." But this card is here to tell you that you cannot and will go back to how things were in the past. Your success is only in an onward and upward type trajectory from not on. What happened in the past does not define, and may not even influence your success as all, with the possible exception of causing you to appreciate it just that much more. This card tells us that we are ready to experience abundance. What does abundance look like for you right now? What does it mean for you? Abundance is rarely ever just about money, though society would certainly have us define it in such narrow terms. Your success and your abundance are so much bigger than just financial. You have wonderful windfalls coming into you in all ways, right about now!

Sometimes we can have physical blocks in our bodies which were tied to or created by past failures which skew our perception of success or block us from seeing it all together. An Integrative Reiki Session can balance our our energy and remove those blocks so that we may fully embrace our successful nature. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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