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Surround Yourself With Light For Graceful New Beginnings

Our Divine Download for September 16, 2022 is Bhuvanesvari from the Kali Oracle. Bhuvanesvari is our cosmic mother who brings the light of renewal and healing. She is the divine voice that is the sound of creation itself, that one perfect, sublime note that births a golden era. She has the capacity to create a clean slate and a fresh start. She is hope and she stirs the hope that had laid dormant within you to arise and welcome in this golden era of light and renewed positive expectations. She will protect and preserve anything that is worthy of the heart and anything that is carried within on the heart mind. She shines in a perpetual state of divine beauty and radiance, reigniting our creative fires and attracting to us the most supportive circumstances to best honor our circumstances at this time. Her presence signifies the utmost grace. her presence particularly relates to the divine beautification of the physical world, the bringing of Heaven to Earth. What does that mean to you? What would that look like in your life? Bhuvanesvari is the divine feminine medicine for those who run their energy level to depletion, hovering somewhere between exhaustion and barely scraping by to meet all the demands of their lives. She can help us replenish and to learn what it feels like to operate from a place of fullness so that what we give does not deplete, but encourages us to open to more, to receive more, so that it overflows. Raise your open arms above your head and visualize that a radiant golden goddess is shining abundant grace into your arms. Slowly draw your arms down alongside your body and gently guide a golden column of light around you as you do. When your hands are pointing down toward the earth, the column of grace and light moves into it, bringing blessings to the earth's subtle body where they can be distributed as needed for the spiritual benefit of all beings.

Flowers bring grace and rejuvenation in a similar way that Bhuvanesvari does and will do wonders to restore your energy as well as your optimism during a Flower Therapy Healing Session. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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