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Take Care of You Boo-Boo!

Our Divine Download for April 30, 2024 is Kyanite/Make Time For Self-Care from the Crystal Angels Oracle Cards with the message "Taking care of yourself is essential right now." Kyanite is a pretty cool crystal to work with because it is one of the few self clearing and cleaning stones. Not only will it clear itself of any negative icky sticky energy that it absorbed, but it will also clear all of the stones around it in the same way. It isn't so different than how you are in your own life, because goodness knows you are regularly tasked with or expected to clear the energy of those around you. But how can you possibly do that if you have not cleared your own energy in the same way?! Um, very simply put, you can't. So it is essential for you to make time to prioritize your own self-care, and especially your own energetic cleaning and clearing right now. You just won't be any good for anyone else, or be able to show up effectively for anyone else, or help anyone else until and unless you do. #facts This is the universe telling you to put your own energetic oxygen mask on first, before you even think about assisting anyone else. What type of self-care do you most need right now? What does self-care look like for you in this particular moment (it is likely to change from time to time, throughout your life)? Essential means that self-care isn't an optional thing for you right now or a luxury, you know, like whenever you get to it. Nope. Self-care is a mandatory part of your *daily* program at this specific point in your life. So get creative and have some fun with how you will incorporate self-care and get to caring for your fine self!

An Integrative Reiki Session can be a wonderfully relaxing form of self-care. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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