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Take Charge By Taking Action

Our Divine Download for January 14, 2021 is Take Charge And Action from The Angel Guide Oracle. It's time to DO something. Like RIGHT now. It's time to take action. It's time to take change of our own lives. It's time to decide which direction we wish to go, and to aim the arrows of our intentions in that direction. If we don't aim ourselves, our actions, and our intentions in the direction of our dreams, it is most assuredly guaranteed that we will never hit our targets. Sometimes when we set our sights on a specific goal, we get hung up, overwhelmed, and frustrated because we only see the end result, and if we aren't "there" yet, we cannot see the progress that we've made and are making. But each big goal is paved with the path of a million completed smaller goals that lead us to the successful conclusion of our main goal. And, chances are usually better than not that none of those allegedly little steps or smaller goals are ones that could have been skipped just to magically transport us and to get us where we want to go. We're not being asked to compete anything today. We're simply being guided to pick a direction and take meaningful action towards our goal and our dreams. Maybe the meaningful action that you take today is simply to decide which goal you're aiming for. Maybe the meaningful action that you take today is to get a thing or two checked off of your goals & dreams to do list. Maybe the meaningful action that you take today is to create your goals and dreams to do list. Any action is the perfect action. And there is no finite time table or time frame within which you are being called to complete your goal or hit your target. But if you take meaningful action today, and you take charge of your life and your dreams, you will most assuredly hit your target and reach your goals at the exact moment that you're meant to! What could possibly be better?!

Sometimes certain people or situations in our pasts may have made it difficult for us to feel as though we are allowed to take charge of our own lives. When this occurs, an energetic cord cutting can free us of the negative cords of attachment that cause us to feel unable to take charge ourselves. Schedule Yours Here!

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