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Take Inventory and Act Accordingly

Our Divine Download for May 8, 2023 is Kali/Endings and Beginnings from the Goddess Guidance Oracle. Kali is so very misunderstood and honestly I couldn't love her more. She's gotten a bum rap over the years as a goddess of destruction (I mean jeeze, you stomp a head or two and the stigma just sticks...) but it is because she is so acutely aware that we must destroy that which we don't love in order to be able to rebuild that which we do. Every once in a while we really need to take an inventory of our lives and look at what is working and what isn't. Those things that aren't working for us simply need to end. And they need to replaced by some new beginnings that DO feel good to us and have the potential of working better, if not feeling and working wonderfully. So why are we so hesitant to release the old? Why are we so reluctant to release that which does not work for us? Habit. Pattern. Humanity. Sigh. It is what it is. But we also have free will choice and therefore the ability to push ourselves outside of the comfort zones created by those ill formed and ill fitting habits and patterns and to acknowledge that it might not feel super great or be particularly easy for us when we do so. But, when we can tune into and focus on the inevitable new beginnings that are coming, look for the proverbial lotuses rising out of the muck, and really know with our inner knowing that there are better and brighter days ahead and better and easier ways to do things, then we've got this. And Kali's got our back. And ain't no one gonna tangle with her!

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