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Take Your Independent Steps In A Supported & Connected Way

Our Divine Download for May 7, 2023 is Bast/Independent from the Goddess Guidance Oracle. Bast is independent, not because she has to be or was forced to be, but because she is SO intimately connected to the universe that she knows that she may be moving and acting "independently," but she is truly not alone. In the same way, you are being called to take some steps independently on your own right now, and this could be because perhaps you have developed some limiting beliefs or limiting patterns with some of the people in your life, but you too are strengthened, supported, and upheld by the whole of the universe. When we can move in this independent, yet connected way, we are able to most intimately access and experience the true nature of our own divine power. Bast moves in this independent yet connected and supported way towards success, and you are being guaranteed that when you follow her lead and mimic her movements, even perhaps calling her in for support, you too are being assured success. What does success look like to you when you achieve it independently? Does it look or feel differently for you then when you share the spotlight or the glory with others? Are you comfortable being successful on your own, in your own right, and in your own shoes? Or is this perhaps something that you maybe need to work on, just a little? As you take your independent supported strides forward, be willing to be mindful and honest with yourself about how that feels and any challenges that it may present for you.

Our Angels know that we are not meant to be solitary creatures and that sometimes the idea of being independent in any way can feel challenging or even threatening to us. They will guide us through this and help buoy our strength and our confidence during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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