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Tend to Your Herd

Our Divine Download for May 15, 2020 is Princess of Summer/Deer from the Animal Tarot. In other tarot interpretations, this card is considered the Paige of Summer, Water, Cups, Raphael. This suit is all about emotions and this card heralds an incoming emotional message. This is a message that will feel loving and positive and uplifting, maybe even life enhancing! Sometimes these messages can also be in the form of an invitation. The court cards in tarot also talk about people and people's traits. Sometimes this can mean that a person or people who embody the traits and themes of the card will come into your life or level up their role in your life. It can also be an indication that you need to seek out to surround yourself with people who most closely represent these traits, or even that you yourself are being encouraged to up your own game in these areas. The Princess of Summer is sensitive, kind, openhearted, loving, and sometimes a wee bit inexperienced or naive, which is merely an extension of her innocence. Are there people in your life whom you interact with on a regular basis? Do you feel like you need more people with this nature in your life? What could it mean for you to add some innocence to your outlook, to assume the innocence rather than the guilt of others? The Deer represented on this card also encourages us to look at who is in our own herd. Are they emotionally supportive and kind? Though the Deer like our young doe pictured here will wander out on their own from time to time, they always return to the safety in numbers of their herd, who function very much as a unit. Pay some attention to who you are rejoining. Make sure that they are including you, truly including you in their unit, supporting you, sustaining you, truly having your back. And be brave enough to wander out on your own to attract a herd who more closely vibes with you and your goals if need be. Look for signs and symbols of the Deer to let you know that you'e on the right path.


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