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That Pesky P-Word

Our Divine Download for February 1, 2022 is Patience from the Numerology Guidance Oracle Cards. January ended with one of our least favorite words, and February is starting with another one. Ah, the p-word. *insert groans and eye rolls* Patience is asking us to stop projecting into the future and stop reliving in the past, but rather to just enjoy the present moment right here, right now, right exactly as it is without dousing it in limitations. This is also a card for us to evaluate our progress, and what better time to do that than on the first of the month?! So, right here, right now, let's do some greatest hits lists - YOUR greatest hits lists! What are your greatest hits, aka accomplishments from yesterday? What about the past week? What about in the first month of 2022? What were your biggest, baddest, boldest accomplishments or greatest hits for 2021? Are you able to look at the past 5 years through this lens? What about the past decade? It is only when we acknowledge and celebrate where we have been that we can best focus on where it is we're going. Pace yourself. Our Angels acknowledge that there are many, many things that we still wish to do in our lifetimes and many, many things that we may wish to change, but we do not have to do them all or change them all today, this week, or this month. When we do not pace ourselves, but instead make hasty plans or decisions out of desperation or fear, this is when we tend to experience self prescribed failure and this is when our plans end in disappointment and create stress. This is an opportunity, an invitation, to focus all of your energy on visualizing your dreams instead of pushing against obstacles which may currently exist. Surrender to the timing and the outcome of the universe where what is for you will never pass you and get on with living and enjoying your life. All will come to fruition in Divine order and timing. Affirm: I patiently trust, and surrender the outcome to the Divine. And so it is!

Our Angels understand that patience does not feel particularly normal or natural to the human condition and are happy to support us while we practice that pesky p-word. Tune into the unconditional love and support of your Angels during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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