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The Art of Listening

Our Divine Download for June 30, 2020 is Listening from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards. This is very much a card of validation. It is validating for you that you are in fact communicating with your Angels. You are receiving very real messages and guidance from them. You are really hearing them. You can trust what you are experiencing. You should trust what you are experiencing. It is safe for you to trust what you are experiencing. You have been receiving repetitive messages through your feelings, thoughts, dreams, visions, knowingness, and inner voice. When you aren't able to trust those messages, are your really listening? Are you really receiving? Are you truly able to follow them? This card is a request from your Angels to give them all of your doubts and all of your worries about Divine Guidance and Connection to them. Surrender that doubt. Let go of that worry. Lean into trust. Follow through with guided action. When you surrender to this process in the absence of doubt and worry, you can know, are able to truly believe that you are in fact communicating with Heaven, and it becomes so much easier to sit back and enjoy that conversation!

Angel Card Readings can be super duper helpful when you feel like you just cannot or are not receiving communications from your Angels or your guides. Sometimes it's the perfect place to make that connection in a safe and comfortable way: Book a Session!


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