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The Door Is Open...

Our Divine Download for June 12, 2021 is Door To Personal Healing and Happiness which heralds "New Beginnings in Your Personal Life" from the Energy Oracle Cards. There has been a shift. There has been a change. This card is a messenger of positive change. Yes. Truly. Even if you have not seen the tangible results of this positive change manifest directly in your life yet, it has happened. It is hear. The door is open. The thing with doors is that even when they are beautiful light filled doors with guarantees of peace and healing just on the other side, you still have to be willing to walk through them in order to go where they lead. Sometimes when we've felt really stuck, or really challenged, or we just cannot clearly see what is on the other side of the door, or where it may lead, it can feel impossible and scary to walk through. But, this newly open door is a portal for you - a portal to guaranteed personal healing and happiness. Even if you aren't sure exactly what the looks like, or exactly where it may lead (hint: it leads to even MORE healing and happiness!), you are being called on to walk through it. Your life is opening up and new opportunities are about to appear for you. The changes that you have been working on are ready to blossom with amazing results, which is why it is necessary for you to take those divinely inspired and intuitively conceived actions right now. Be willing to do so, and do so through continued action and optimistic expectations. This is your turning point. This is your jumping off point. This is your portal to personal healing and happiness. And it's opened for you right now. You do NOT want to miss the wonder that lies on the other side! Take the leap of faith!!

If you've been presented with a very particular leap of faith, or perhaps a pair of open doors, and you just want additional confirmation as to if you should leap, or which door you should choose, these are perfect inquiries for a One Question Channeled Reading! Book Yours Today: Ask Your Question Here!

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