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The Greatest Love of All

Our Divine Download for September 19, 2021 is Love Life from the Past Life Oracle Cards. Consider this a command: Love Life! We're supposed to love our lives. Yes, our lives. Right here, right now, right in this very moment. Not at some distant indistinct point in the future when we might achieve something or things might look or be different for us. Nope. Right. Now. Do you love your life? All of your life? If not, what is keeping you from completely and utterly loving your life right now, right this very minute, right this very second? Can you bring love to those areas that maybe you don't feel so much love for? Are you showing yourself love in those places? How can you bring more love into your life? How can you love yourself better and more? Are you allowing love into your life? Are you loving unconditionally? Do you love yourself unconditionally? Love is where it is at, and love is what it is all about. We are entitled to love our lives - it's literally why we are here! Do you believe that? Does that resonate for you? If not, why not? And, what can you do to change that, to allow yourself to experience more love of life, more joie de vivre? Love is what matters most, and the love that we show ourselves is truly the greatest love of all (so sayeth Whitney Houston!) Even the Bible says "...and the greatest of these is love." Look at your relationship with love, with the idea of love, with the word itself. What comes up for you when you see, hear, or read "love?" Ask your Angels and your guides to remove any and all blocks that you have which keep you from graciously, joyously, and enthusiastically loving your life. Love Life! This is your birth right.

Whatever comes up for you with the idea of loving your life, your Angels are here to guide you through it during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Invest in yourself in this loving way. Book Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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