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The Heart of Healing

Our Divine Download for July 7, 2020 is Ruby/Bless Your Heart with the message "Reach our for emotional and spiritual support to heal and mend your heart." from the Crystal Angel Oracle Cards. Healing is a big job. It's not something that usually happens overnight, and it's definitely not a one and done type of process. There are many layers and borrowing from yesterday's reading, many facets to healing. We're all healing right now. Some of us are in different stages of healing that others, but we are all healing. And healing isn't easy. It's important, and like most things that are worth it, it can be challenging and sometimes even tedious. But who said that you have to go through the multi-faceted process of healing alone? This card puts you on notice that at this stage in your healing cycle, you are Divinely supported and Divinely blessed. Put it also lovingly asks that you be willing to reach out to other people and allow them the gift of being present to support you during your healing journey. We have this false belief, which is often deeply ingrained in us, that we have to go it alone or we aren't strong if we reach out to others and share our healing experience and allow them to support or uplift us. Not only is that nonsense, but often times, there are great, powerful parallels between our own healing journeys and the healing journeys of those who are in our lives, or may come into our lives. We can inspire and uplift others, simply by honestly sharing our experiences, and even through seeking support. We are social creatures and we are all in this together, having both individual and collective experiences. It will help our emotional and spiritual heart centers if we stick to our social roots and allow others to be there for us. Even if that has not felt good to you in the past, or you may have felt let down or disappointed by the support that was available to you before, today is a new day, and new days beget new experiences. Don't let past experiences define present expectations. Reaching out to others for emotional and spiritual support will bring blessings into your life and promote great healing of heart. It will be opening for you in a beautiful way.

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