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The Illusion of Control...

Our Divine Download for July 4, Independence Day in the United States of America, is Yellow Jasper/Control Issues from the Crystal Angels Oracle Cards. Oh boy. So, we've all seen and we've all experienced our fair share of control issues lately. From the reality of our governments needing to issue restrictions and mandates (which are in fact controls) to feeling like the world has gone crazy and everything is out of control, to seeing a whole lot of people super invested in controlling others for a number of reasons, control issues are everywhere we look right now and have been for months. The image in the center of this card very clearly looks like a human heart. Right, because control issues hurt our hearts, they don't feel good, on either side of them (whether we are controller or controllee). Ultimately, here's the deal: control is an illusion. The only person you truly have control over is you. The only things that you truly have control over are those which are immediately within your sphere of influence. If you are spending any time worrying, or being angry about, or trying to control anyone or anything else, you are hurting yourself, hurting your heart. The beautiful, empowering message on this card is "Utilize your God-given strength and power, instead of fearing that others may try to control you." Boom, there it is. Efforts to control others are always rooted in fear. But when you are tapped into, tuned into, connected to your own power and strength - your Divinely gifted power and strength, there truly is no reason to be in fear, and therefore no reason to think twice about control. It feels better to recognize, to connect to, to own your own power. When you are feeling frustrated, feeling that you are experiencing or being effected by the control issues of others, pause, take a time out, and ask yourself where your power, your strength, your sphere of influence lies within that situation. Then move forward from a place of power, rather than a place of fear. Yellow Jasper can help root you into, ground you into your own strength and power while gently and lovingly clearing and balancing your heart chakra at the same time. Your Angels are also here to help you with this process if it feels challenging or uncomfortable to you in anyway. Surrender the illusion of control and dive into the reality of your own power and strength. That makes for your ultimate independence day!

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