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The Impossibility of Impossible

Our Divine Download for August 10, 2020 is "Believe in the Impossible/Blue Moon"n from the Moonlogy Oracle Cards. Impossible is actually a silly word. We throw it around pretty frequently, but things happen each and every day that by our usual definition should be "impossible." It's sort of like when Vizzini keeps saying "inconceivable" in The Princess Bride. We actually just experienced a Blue Moon not so long ago and that Blue Moon wrapped up a pretty potent eclipse season. Blue Moons might not happen often, but they absolutely DO happen. Not so impossible. Impossible is a word that actually piggy backs nicely to yesterday's message to release negativity because we mindlessly substitute the word impossible when we more likely mean improbable or even inconceivable (which means YOU cannot conceive of it right now). Why label something or someone impossible when it is not necessarily so? Words have power. Great power actually and we need to be more mindful about what energies we are putting out to the Universe through the words that we speak. When you say impossible, the Universe does not respond by saying "Hold my beer, I'll prove you wrong." Rather, through the law of attraction, it says "And so it is." (So don't make things impossible which needent be that way through unnecessary labels!) The Blue Moon wants you illuminate for you that EVERYTHING is possible. It wants to illuminate for you your role of responsibility in the creation of certain impossible circumstances and dynamics in your life because you can change them by breathing the new energy and illumination of possibility, endless, limitless, infinite possibility into all of your circumstances and all of your dynamics. Believe in the possible. Because that is believing in EVERYTHING.

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