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The Meditation of Contemplation

Our Divine Download for September 13, 2020 is Contemplation from the Messages from the Mermaids Oracle Cards. They bring us the message "Contemplate your current situation and allow your thoughts and feelings to flow. Use your mind in conjunction with your heart and think things through before making decisions." Contemplation is a fun and creative process, which can be balancing to your whole being and your life. What?! Seriously. It gives you the unique opportunity to experience the things that you're thinking about, that you're contemplating, without the commit of actually having to do them. Sort of like trying them on before you buy them or invest and real time or energy into those experiences. Contemplation is a meditative process which asks you to engage your mind rather than trying to stop your thoughts. Those thoughts are where solutions lie and where creativity is born. When you engage in the deep thinking of contemplation, using your innate wisdom, your intuition, and your imagination in synchronistic unity with your heart, that is where optimum solutions lie. When you regularly practice this type of contemplative meditation, it allows you to make heart centered decisions knowing that you have covered all possible scenarios, options, and angels and probably outcomes from the safety of your own imagination. Even if your feelings are a bit jumbled or confused, following your heart is usually a good thing. As you think deeply about possibilities and potentialities, allow any confusion to dissipate by leaning into how you would feel in certain scenarios or with various outcomes. There is great power in mindful contemplation. It can also be a space of great joy and great fun, if you choose to look at it and experience it as such. Shake up your connotations surrounding contemplation by sprinkling them with joy and mindfully experiencing all that a contemplative space has to offer.

Sometimes we may need perspective to accurately contemplate and our Angels are wonderful at bring in new and better perspectives during a 60 minute Angel Card Reading! Book a Session!

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