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The Power of Your Dreams

Our Divine Download for September 22, 2020 is Dreams from the Spellcasting Oracle. We don't often pay much if any attention to the night sky, but we are connected to the stars, the constellations, the planets, and our moon. We'er even connected to the sky itself! As a matter of fact, we are connected to the cosmos in all of it's infinite glory, and we're connected to so very many things that we cannot see. And all of it (ALL! of it!) is conspiring to help our dreams come true right now (RIGHT. NOW.) So, it might be necessary and proper to take some time to decide what it is (exactly) that you want to come true. What are you desiring? What are you wishing? What are you hoping? What are you dreaming? Get clear, BE clear with all of it. Whatever you choose at this time will work out smashingly well, so take this opportunity to focus on a lifelong dream or ambition. Go to bed, and take your rest with a sense of joy, excitement, and anticipation of what's to come on the next steps of your journey (you know, in your TRAVELS!) You journey and you travel while you rest, sleep, and dream, whether you are aware of that or not. And you do not need to be consciously aware of it for that to be true or for you to be making meaningful forward strides on the path of your journey. Always go to bed with a clear conscious and gratitude for the day that you lived as you do not want a dirty conscious or neglected gratitude to muddy the waters of your dreams. Always acknowledge the dreams that you dream at night while you rest as they are usually ripe with meaning and messages to be interpreted and assist you in your awakened state. Consider keeping a dream journal if that helps enhance your feeling on connectivity and strengthen your belief. Pay attention to your dreams - both those that you hold in heart and mind, and those that are more passive as you sleep. There is great power in clarity of dream focus. Harness that power.

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