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The Prince of Healing

Our Divine Download for June 21, 2020 is The Divine Physician/Archangel Raphael from the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards. Archangel Raphael doesn't always get the same amount of lip service as Archangel Michael because he has a quieter, gentler energy. But he is is just as powerful in his own right! He comes to us now to partner with us to heal any and all areas of our lives in which we may need or desire healing, especially your physical health and your relationships with others (he's especially good at helping bring soul mates together!) If you have had any concerns about your own physical health or that of a loved one, Archangel Raphael assures you that you can drop those concerns like a hot potato. He asks that you listen for his gentle guidance, which may come in as a gentle whisper or as fluid as a song. He assures you that you are healed, and you are whole, as is your birth right. He asks you to affirm this in your life if these words do not immediately resonate with you. He promises to guide you to make healthy choices and changes, if you will simply call on him and ask for his assistance and accept him as a partner in your good health. If you are seeking a soul mate relationship, ask him to help bring your Divine Rite Partner to you, and follow the guidance that will facilitate this match. If your finances need healing, if your home dynamics need healing, if your relationships need healing, Archangel Raphael is here to work with you on healing all of the things, in all of the ways. I would be remiss if I did not mention that the rendering of Archangel Raphael on this card happens to look an awful lot like Prince. Prince reminds you how very healing music can be (especially his, of course) and asks you not to settle in your relationships, or to forget just how beautiful you truly are, baby!

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