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The Promise of Hope

Our Divine Download for May 8, 2020 is Hope from the Oracle of the Fairies with the message "Hope is always there, even if we can't see it. Optimistic expectations can help change a negative situation into a positive one." Rainbows appear after the rain, sometimes after the storm. But it isn't like the second that it stops raining a rainbow instantly appears directly in your line of vision. Rather, the sun must fist come out and shine, the atmosphere must still, and then

we must look up. We must seek out the rainbow. But why to we turn our attention upwards in search of the rainbow phenomena? Because we hope we'll see it. We hope, because it's happened before, and the science behind it promises that it is possible again. And that's what hope is: belief in the possibility based on a promise. And those possibilities? They're frickin' endless - truly infinite, absolutely limitless. If you are feeling hopeless, if you are struggling holding onto hope, ask yourself who you are to limit the Universe. Ask yourself why you are choosing to to limit the Universe, choosing to challenge the Divine. Review the realities of the personal rainbows of your past. Connect in with that every of all of the times that things turned out right, turned out better (way better) than you had hoped, had thought was possible. Connect to the potency of possibility. Realize the reassurance of the Universe because the Universe has always kept her promises to you. Hold out for hope if you can't get there right night. Hold on to hope when you do. Remember the rainbows when you are challenged on the hope front.


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