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Think About Dropping Your Sword

Our Divine Download for July 7, 2021 is Five of Winter from Fairy Tarot Cards. In alternate tarot interpretations this card would be the five of swords, five of air, and the five of Archangel Michael. Air cards are always about cerebral energy, all about thinking. Sometimes this can mean overthinking things, even stinkin' thinkin'. The Five of Winter often shows up when we are in conflict with others (because everyone wants to lock swords and no one is willing to put their sword down). This is the type of conflict that you walk away from with a sense of loss, a sense of sadness. But, even though we know that these things happen and are very much part of our lives and part of our culture, we continue to play out and expand the conflict in our heads. We think about the sadness and the loss rather than feeling our way through it, being in the present moment, and then letting it go. Often what ends up happening is that in doing so, we keep this conflict alive LONG after it was put to bed by others. The Five of Winter asks us to honestly assess the existing areas of conflict in our lives and to ask ourselves if there are conflicts that we are still proliferating and participating in where others may have moved on or let go. The Five of Winter asks us to honestly assess if there are emotions that we are thinking about in order to avoid feeling. The Five of Winter shows up for us because it is the nudge that we need in order to be honest with ourselves in order to address our own behavior, and our own emotional response and processing with regards to the perceived conflicts that we have with others. The Five of Winter asks us if there is a way for us to put down our sword? Many times when we create the time and space in order to sit with and process our own emotions, we no longer have the need or desire to hold up that particular sword. After all, it is not necessary for us to show up to every single conflict that we are invited to.

When we're having a hard time reconciling our own emotions following conflict with others, and we're feeling challenged by the idea of putting down our own sword, it can often be because there are energies and patterns stuck within our energetic bodies or auric field. An Integrative Reiki Session will help to balance those energies and remove any blocks which may have been keeping those energies stuck there. Book Your Session Today:

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