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Time to Shine Your Light

Our Divine Download for October 24, 2020 is The Spiritual Teacher from Guardian Angel Tarot Cards. This card would be the Hermit in other Tarot Interpretations. Both yesterday's card and today's card are major arcana cards. The Major Arcana in Tarot is the equivalent of trump cards in traditional playing cards. So they're a big deal, and when they show up, we should pay attention because it usually means it's a big time transformative time in our lives. Two in a row is an even bigger deal still. The Spiritual Teacher is often a misunderstood card because it's not about going within and retreating as much as it is about shining your inner light. The key of course is that you need to find and connect with your inner light, and turn it on of course, before you can shine it. We all need the light to guide us and illuminate our paths. Just like everything else in life, there are times when we will need to be guided by the light of others, and times when that torch will be passed and it's time for us to shine our own light to be the guide for those who come up behind us, and it's all cyclical. Sometimes we can be both the shiner and the shinee at the same time. This card puts you on notice that it's time to make sure that your own light is shining as brightly as it possibly can be because it's time for us to shine for others. In this time of great darkness and so much turmoil, it is more important than it ever has been before for us to shine as brightly as we possibly can and allow the authenticity of our true selves to shine through. In order to be the change that we wish to see in the world, we first must illuminate that which needs to change. It's important to remember too that when we shine so brightly, we need quiet and inner solitude more than ever to recharge the batteries of our brightly shining light. It's important to cultivate space and time for this necessary recharging. If we are unsure of where we are going, or where we are supposed to be heading as we lead others onward and upward, it is time to check in with ourselves for guidance and direction. If we are still unsure, it may be wise to look for and follow the light of others whom we trust and respect. Either way, it's time to shine!

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