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Transform, Transmute, and Align

Our Divine Download for Novemeber 23, 2022 is Chamber of the Violet Flame/Karmic Release, Radical Transformation from the Gateway of Light Activation Oracle. The Violet Flame is an incredibly powerful healing tool. It is healing, and it is cleansing, and we can access it and partner with it in order to release anything that is no longer serving us. Receiving this card is a sure sign that your reminder of the accessibility of the violet flame energy has been brought to you by your angels and your guides as it is needed at this stage of your life. Now is the time to see yourself as being in a space of radical transformation. Although transformation can be overwhelming, take comfort knowing that the hand of the divine is leading the way and that all of the changes and transformation you are experiencing at this time are divinely orchestrated. All of the past trauma that you have experienced in your life is being cleared from your energy field at this time. Stay focused on releasing all of the energies that are no longer serving you or causing you discomfort in any way. The Violet Flame is here to transmute fear into love. If any fear is rising up inside of you now, know that it is simply a call for love. Call in the strongest form of love that you know and allow those in your inner circle to support you through this transformational time. You are an alchemist who has the capacity to take all of the heavy aspects of your life and turn them into golden opportunities. By doing so you best align your life with the divine plan now and live in a more purposeful way.

Our Angels know that change is never easy and offer to support you through this transmutation. Connect with their support with during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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