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True Freedom Through Soul Love

Our Divine Download for November 28, 2021 is Mira Bai The Saint of True Freedom from The Divine Feminine Oracle Cards reminding us "Love is what sets us free. I am married to my own soul." We've talked much in the past about how all we need is love and the fact that love truly is usually the only answer to many of our self assigned problems. But this isn't the type of love that we share with others. Rather, this is a love that is all about us and finds us in a centered space being truly, madly, deeply in love with ourselves and committed to self first and foremost. If we do not love ourselves, we really just won't have it to give to anyone else. There's no cheat or work around here. There's a love which is far larger than human constructs or cultural values. Love isn't ethical and it is not bound by any idea of what's "socially acceptable." Love is what sets us free from the expectations that bind us. Love, in whatever way it finds us, asks us to stay loyal to our own soul. Anyone or anything who asks us to betray ourselves or our most intimate relationship with the divine, isn't acting out of love. Love asks us to look at what really matters to us, and at what we truly value. Love asks us to bravely defy expectations in order to be true to ourselves. Love wants us to marry our own soul. Love will always focus on what will enhance our lives and what we will benefit from. Love always exists and acts within our true best interest. What holds you back from expressing the truth of your love?

Our Angels are the pure true love that Mira Bai embodies and speaks of. Connect with their love, and allow them to connect with the truth of your love during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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