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Trust & Believe in YOU

Our Divine Download for May 21, 2021 is Trust from the Spellology Oracle Cards. Trust and faith have been big themes for us lately. Really, for the whole of 2021. Trust is defined as firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something." Who or what do you believe in? Do you believe in yourself? Can you rely on yourself? Do you recognize your strength and your ability? Do you reliably show up for yourself in your full glorious truth? Some of the time? All of the time? Let's start there. If your faith has been tested, and it feels as though all of our faith has been tested and then some over the course of the past year, lean into yourself when you are struggling to believe in or to trust much of anything else. You have always been there for you. You have never let you down. You are more capable then you see, more powerful than you feel, stronger than you will ever know. So now is the time to see yourself as you truly are. Now is the time to have faith in yourself. When you connect with and hold the space for faith in yourself, you also open the doorways to having faith in so much else, in anything else really. But, when you don't have trust and faith in yourself, it makes you doubt everyone and everything around you. Is it that you really, truly don't trust someone else? Or is it that you haven't connect to that trustworthy space inside yourself? Because when you do, you know that even if someone else does turn out to be not so trustworthy, they're not capable of throwing anything at you that you will not be able to handle. How can you create space to reconnect with the whole of yourself? How will you create space for self trust and self connection to grow, to live, to thrive? Celebrate and honor the trust that you in and for yourself. Realize that trust in self truly makes you powerful beyond measure and connects you with the Universe in beautiful, synchronistic ways.

So often when clients come to see me for a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading, they come in with lists of questions about other people or circumstances outside of themselves and beyond their control. Their Angels will usually ask "what about you?" and gently guide them back to that place of self focus and self care which is anything but selfish. If trust has been challenging for you, allow your Angels to guide you back to yourself gently and lovingly. Book your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Here: Book Your Session!


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