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Trust - the Antithesis to Fear

Our Divine Download for March 15, 2021 is Surrender to Trust from The Power of Surrender Cards. Trust is the antithesis to fear. Fear cannot exist in an environment of trust. Trust stems from faith and is bolstered by Universal connection. Just like fear, trust is also a choice. Sometimes that choice even comes down to will you choose faith and trust, or will you choose fear? Existing in a state of trust, connection, and belief does not mean that we will never experience challenges or hardships within our lives. But rather, it means that within those challenges and hardships, we can remain peaceful in our hearts because we are able to lean into the trust that everything will work out for our greatest and highest good. Here's a tip: it always does. Trust that. Because it always has. And because it always will. When you exist predominantly in a state of trust, and you embrace and trust the connection you have with the divine and with the Universe, you do not have to seek the outside opinions of others or doubt if what you feel, know, and believe is true. Because you will also learn to trust yourself. Opinions are like assholes, and certainly everyone has them. We are bombarded with the opinions and beliefs of others day in and day out, just like we are bombarded with the idea that we shouldn't trust ourselves or any other source other than the person who's opinion we're being strongly encouraged to accept and believe. But that seems a little self serving on their part doesn't it?! Of course people and the media don't want us to embrace our connection to the Universe and the divine because then we might doubt (gasp!) their opinions, and worse yet seek out other sources (no!), or the ultimate betrayal: form our own! They want us in a state where we will simply blindly accept all that we see and hear. But when we choose trust, we know the truth. We know what to believe. We know what the truth sounds like. And, if we do need a second opinion so to speak, we are able to tap into source simply and easily through prayer and mediation in order to obtain clear and accurate guidance. This is the magic and beauty of trust. Send fear packing and choose trust. Trust yourself. Trust your experience. Trust the Universe. Trust. It's where it's at.

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