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Trust What You Know

Our Divine Download for November 4, 2020 is Kuthumi/Cloak of Wisdom with the message "You already know the answer you seek. Trust what you know." from the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards. It is said that knowledge is learned, but wisdom is remembered. When you allow yourself to be guided by your intuition and choose to follow it, you can trust the endless wisdom that is within you. Your soul is leading your way. (Hint: it always has been...) This is your encouragement to follow. In the process of doing so you will further connect with and uncover the wisdom of your own soul. You have wandered the seeker's path throughout your lifetime, and you may have felt as though you were wandering aimlessly, not even knowing what it is that you did not know or that you were seeking to find. But, that is all behind you know because you have recently rounded a bend giving you a crystal clear view of your clarity of connection. But you could not have progressed and would never have gotten to that bend had you not wandered the seeker's path. Trust is essential now. Your soul cannot mislead you and that clear connection that you have to your soul's wisdom is not an illusion or a mirage. You may find that certain relationships and connections in your life will need to shift and change as you shift away from seeking wisdom, guidance, and validation from outside yourself. This is a necessary and proper part of your journey. Loneliness and relationship worry cannot exist in a soulful connection or on the path of soul driven wisdom and guidance. What obstacles are you experiencing in fully trusting your innate wisdom? Why do you choose to doubt the wisdom of your soul? Why is it you have allowed others to cause you discomfort for knowing what you know? And most importantly, whatcha gonna do about that? Trust what you know. Trust what you are. Your soul will be your biggest cheerleader if you allow it to be so. Will you listen as it shouts it's resounding yes? Will you follow the forward path that it has mapped out for you urging you onward and upward? Can you live with yourself if you don't?

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