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Truth Is Below The Surface

Our Divine Download for March 9, 2023 is Dive Under the Surface from The Illustrated Bestiary Oracle Cards. When you first look st the surface of any body of water, the first thing that you see is the reflection of the sky. The water's surface is a mirror, hiding the depths. When you dive deep, you discover that there are worlds within worlds below that mirrored surface. Orca hold up a mirror, showing us another possible world, one with different ways of communicating and creating family. Orca asks "What is possible when you dive under the surface? Are there other ways to live and be? Can you create an alternate world for yourself?" In the same way, what is going on beneath your surface, within you? What are you mirroring back to that which is external to you? Are you merely mirroring it back, or are you maybe taking it on and taking it in? There may be situations in your life which you are not seeing clearly because the truth of the situation and the heart of the matter only exists beneath the surface and you are not yet meant to see. It can also be that you may not fully understand the truth of certain situations in your life because what is visible on the surface is not accurately reflecting what is going on behind the scenes within the cosmos. Often times the universe works on things for our benefit and on our behalf and we do not see and those results do not surface until they have fully manifested. Either way, Orca cautions you from taking a surface view or a surface approach to anything right now, reminding you that there is much depth that you cannot and will not yet see and there is always more going on than meets the eye.

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