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Tune In To Your Divine Intelligence

Our Divine Download for September 27, 2020 is Child of The Cosmos from The Starseed Oracle with the message "The intelligence of the Universe lies within you." Your Starseed Soul Inquiry is "How can you surrender more deeply to the intelligent flow of life?" How do trees know when to shed their leaves each year? How do flowers know when to bloom? How do the tides know when to turn? These "mysteries" of life are all in perfect order and are all governed by an intelligent force in perfect harmony and rhythm. That same intelligence is within you. It was there before you took your first breath, and it will remain after your have breathed your final breath in this human body. This intelligence, this force, was connected to every single cell of your body as it grew and developed in your mother's womb and in fact is how your body knew to grow and develop. That beautiful synchronistic force, that divine intelligence didn't simply evaporate or disappear following your birth. But, the Earth is a realm of free will choice and opposing polarities and we become distracted by outside noise interference and drunk on the power of our own free will choice, and we become disconnected from our source. We forget from where we have come and from what we are made. And we forget what is within. Which is super easy to do when we live in a place that wants us to forget exactly how innately powerful and connected we actually are. But you know what? It's harder to resist this force than to surrender to it. Think about that. Read it again if you have to. How much of the struggle and hardship in your life could have been avoided if you simply remembered your cosmic connection and tuned in for guidance?! Surely the same intelligence which instructed your cells to grow one head and not three and to leave off your tail, is qualified to guide you through your day to day human existence. We are not separate. We are not alone. It is only through distraction and disconnect that we begin to believe and embrace these grievous myths. Remember who you are. Who you truly are. Remember that you're a precious child of the Divine and of a loving, gentle Universe. You have access to all of the intelligence, wisdom, strength, flow, and qualities there ever were, are, or will be. What more could you possibly need?! Oh, and maybe remember that if the flowers know when to bloom and grow, you probably do too.

Sometimes the static of doubt and the outside interference of life can cause there to be blocks in our Chakras and these blocks can result in us feeling further disconnected from our source and Universal Intelligence. Get a Chakra Check Up with a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading. Book a Session!


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