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Tune Into Your Heart's True Desire

Our Divine Download for August 17, 2021 is Inanna/Desire from the Legendary Ladies Goddess Oracle Cards. Desire kinda gets a bum rap and we turn ourselves off from our natural desires because organized religion sort of lumped all desires into the "bad" or sinful category. It is our very nature to desire, and it is a healthy fundamental part of our human make up. Desire is how we know what our heart longs for. When was the last time that you checked in with your heart? When was the last time that you truly felt desire? Are you connected with your heart? Have you connected with your center of desire? Sometimes we can block ourselves from our desires because we don't understand them and in a day and age when we want to analyze everything to death, if we don't or can't understand something we mistakenly think that it's scary or bad. Who said that our drive, our desires, our emotions were meant to be understood? They're merely meant to exist, to be felt, to be experienced. Inanna is considered the Queen of Heaven in Sumerian culture and she will embrace all those who seek her care. She will help us connect back with out heart, our center, our desire, if we simply ask her to do so. In accepting her help and her wisdom, she will help us find what it is our heart truly longs for. Now is the time to give in to your desires. Now is the time to allow your desires to be no more and no less than what they are. Accept what is truly yours and release what is not. In doing so, the path and the longing of the heart will become much clearer.

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