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Tune Into Your Magical Messages

Our Divine Download for August 25, 2023 is Allan Kardec/Receptiveness from the Masters of Magic Oracle Cards. Allan Kardec was a medium who published the Book of Spirits and the Book of the Medium. Positive meanings for this card are receptiveness, sensitiveness, imagination, romanticism, traditionalist, roots, the past, memories, paranormal gifts, dreams (or impressions), rich in messages, and intense emotions. Oppositional meanings for this card are suggestions, negative influences, plagiarism, bad hunches, illusion, one-off events, susceptibility, worry, the past to forget, limited memories and experiences, nostalgia, regret, remorse, and unexpected hope. The bottom line here is to put us on alert that there are messages from the universe, our Angels, our guides everywhere, all the time, every single day. It is up to us how receptive we choose to be to those messages. Are you willing to receive the messages and experience the magic of the universe? Have you blocked your magical receptivity? Have you limited it? Are you willing to experience the messages from the universe and receive them for what they are without doubt or egocentric negative self-talk? Are you able to receive the magic within synchronicities rather than write things off to coincidence (such a dirty word! It doesn't exist!) The universe is always talking to us, we just have to be in a receptive enough state to listen and a mindful enough place to interpret in order to learn to speak the language. It absolutely can be done, by each and every one of us, with zero exceptions. Be open to receive. Declare your openness to receive to the universe. See what magic you are able to receive.

Our Angels understand our hesitancy at receiving signs from the universe and will gently support and guide us through that process and help us to set appropriate boundaries to keep us safe and well protected as well during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY:Book Your Session HERE!


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