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Tuning Into the Power of Prayer

Our Divine Download for August 19, 2020 is Pray brought to you by your Guardian Angels from the Angels & Saints Oracle Cards. Have you been forgetting something lately? Like, maybe to talk to your Angels? Especially your Guardian Angels (they're only with you for your whole entire life from birth through death!) Consider this your friendly reminder to pray! Prayer is really all about talking to your Angels, talking to the Divine. You can talk to your Angels, especially your Guardian Angels the same way that you talk to a trusted friend or confidant. In fact, they should be the easiest to talk to, the first ones that you are just itching to share everything with! Talk to them about your hopes. Talk to them about your wishes. Talk to them about your sorrows. Talk to them about your fears. Talk to them about those things that you don't dare say aloud to anyone else (hint: they already know anyway! But talk to them to help grow and bolster your relationship!) ASK them for what you need. ASK them for what you want. ASK them for everything. EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING! Because they *WILL* answer you. They will answer you when you meditate. They will answer you with that gentle push to do something that seemingly comes from the ethers. They will answer you through your ideas and your inspirations. They will answer you through your dreams. They will answer you through those inspired thoughts that just "pop into your head." They will answer you with signs. They will answer you with symbols. Somethings their answer will be "No." Other times it may be "Not now." But, they will answer you. They always will. They always do. Even when we try to talk ourselves out of it and convince ourselves otherwise. But, you do have to ask in order to receive an answer. So ask away. Make prayer, make communion with your Angels (especially your Guardian Angels) part of your every day experience. When you do, amazing and miraculous things are in store.

Sometimes we get stuck with prayer because we feel like we HAVE asked (and asked, and asked...) but we just haven't received an answer, which leads to us feeling disconnected and hopeless. This can happen when we aren't asking the right things, or we aren't asking in the right ways, or we are trying to hard to control our results, or are looking one very specific place for our very specific answer. It is helpful to check in with your Angels when you find yourself in this type of cycle with a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading which most of the time will alert you that you actually ARE receiving answers, you just are not realizing that you are! Book a Session!

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