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Turn Up the Volume On Your Truth

Our Divine Download for November 16, 2021 is Joan of Arc/Voice of Truth from the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards. Joan of Arc guides us "Stand strong. Focus on your purpose. Release the fear of persecution and speak your truth." I'm loving the synchronicities of the messages we've been receiving over the past few days and really the past few weeks. Yesterday we touched on the difference between ego and divine guidance and today Joan of Arc is reassuring us that the voice with which we hear our divine guidance is in fact the voice of truth. We don't have to doubt. We don't have to worry. In fact, the truth not only sounds different, but it *feels* different as well. When we identify our own voice of truth, it becomes so much easier to identify the voice of universal truth and divine guidance as well. We are being encouraged not only to identify our own true voice right now, but to release any fear we may have in speaking that truth, our beautiful truth into existence. Our truth is what is true for us. It isn't debatable, researchable, or negotiable. It is what is true for us, in this moment in time, right now. And here's a hint: our truth can change. It can grow. It can evolve. We can learn. Our truth is about us. Who we are right here, right now. It isn't about politics, or society, or pandemics, or economics. It's just about us. Who we are. What we are. What we do. The rest of it is just an illusion meant to distract us from our true nature and our true purpose. Let that sink in. We tend to invest our time thinking about and speaking about things that aren't related to our truth or our life purpose, and for what? It's time to narrow our focus and discover the depth and breadth of our truth. It's time to voice that truth to support the development and progression of our life purpose. They say that the truth will set you free. And it will, but only YOUR truth will do so.

Our throat chakra is often one of the most imbalanced chakras that we have, making it difficult for us to speak our truth, or sometimes even speak at all. A Flower Therapy Chakra Reading will identify the energetic imbalances and challenges within our chakra system and will provide simple action steps to correct those and restore balance to our energetic body. Book Your Flower Therapy Chakra Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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