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Turn Up Your Trust in You Intuition

Our Divine Download for October 23, 2020 is Intuition and Insight from the Guardian Angel Tarot Cards. This card is The Moon in other Tarot interpretations. Why do you doubt yourself? Why do you doubt what you feel? Why do you doubt what you know? Why do you consider yourself separate from the Moon, the Stars, The Cosmos? Can you allow yourself to feel a part of the greater whole? Can you cultivate space in your life to allow yourself to feel this connection? Will you allow yourself to access the innate guidance and knowing that naturally flows from this connection? Will you allow yourself the grace and the space to turn inward and access your inner knowing and divine rite connection? Will you allow your intuition to be your best and most trusted guide? Will you allow yourself to value your connected inner knowing over the outside advice and alleged knowledge of others? You and you alone are the greatest and wisest authority over your self and over your own life. You and you alone know what is best and what is right for you. You and you alone have a personal connection to and with the divine and all of nature. Your intuition may wax and wane like the cycles of the moon. It may feel bolder and brighter and more acute at certain times, and quieter, still, nearly non-existent at other times. But that is true of all of nature. It is cyclical and there are perceived periods of dormancy. You can still trust your connection and your inner knowledge even when it feels quiet or dormant. It's still there. You're still connected. You still know. This card is very much in line with the series of cards we have seen on empowerment. It is asking you to allow yourself to be the strongest, greatest, and best authority on you and your own life and to trust that you are most that capable to do so. You are ready. You are connected. You are able. You just need to be willing. With great power comes great responsibility. Have you been delegating the power over your own decisions and your own life because you are shirking some of the responsibility? Is it easier or more comfortable to feign disconnect so that you have the ability to blame those that you've put on the pedestal of false authority over you when and if things do not go as planned? (Hint: it's not actually easier. It's vastly more complicated and doesn't feel in line with your authentic self). Do not allow fear or worry to cause you to cast away your authority over yourself and your own life. Strengthen your resolve to tune into yourself and follow your trusted guidance. You'll be so very glad that you did.

Learning to trust and follow our own intuitive guidance and to exercise and flex the muscles of intuition is one of the best and most basic gifts of our existence on this planet in this lifetime. If this is challenging for you, master the challenge with a Back to Basics Session. Book your session!


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