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Universal Trust

Our Divine Download for January 24, 2023 is Trust from The Psychic Tarot for the Heart. In other Tarot Interpretations this would be the Fool or the Dreamer which is the very first card in the Major Arcana. Trust is all about taking a leap of faith and trusting yourself as well as the universe that you will end up where you are meant to be. Sometimes (often) when we take that proverbial leap of faith, we cannot see where we are leaping to or where we are meant to end up, but we need to be willing to trust and leap anyway. It's important for us to trust and take the movement, make the leap, and just begin our journey. Sometimes just beginning is the hardest part. But we are basically be assured that when we take our leap of faith, we will end up not only where we are meant to be, but also some place better than we ever could have imagined. We are being practically guaranteed that we will be successful within our endeavors right now. What have you been wanting or meaning to start? Where are you being guided to begin a new adventure or take a leap of faith? Where do you need to trust yourself more? Where do you need to trust the universe? The thing about it is that you have always been exactly who and how you needed to be. So why wouldn't you trust that? Just like you may not have always had exactly what you've wanted, but you have always had what you needed in order to survive - the fact that you're reading this is proof of that! So why wouldn't you trust the universe that it will continue to support and sustain you just as it always has? Trust. Take that leap of faith. Just do it. Because you are no fool!

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