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Up, Up, & Away

Our Divine Download for June 7, 2020 is Overcoming Difficulties featuring Archangel Jeremiel from the Archangel Oracle cards. You can overcome. You will overcome. You have overcome. Just in case you were wondering, or you were experiencing any doubts, Archangel Jeremiel brings you these reassurances. The more you focus on how long and overwhelming your difficulties are or have been, the longer and more overwhelming they will be (law of attraction 101!) So even in those situations that are tedious and seem as though they have been ongoing since the beginning of time, recognize that there are still changes, there are still improvements, no matter how miniscule they may seem. The more you can affirm and focus on things getting better, the faster you will move on to the overcoming part, rather than being in the difficulties. And you ARE in fact overcoming. Truly. You're surviving. You're living. You're moving forward. You're getting on with your life the best you can, even if it's not in the exact way that you may wish at the moment. Even the affirmation "I am overcoming difficulties" has great, great power. Boom. Just like that, you're not in it any more, you're overcoming. And you cannot be overcoming and not continue your upward trajectory. You just can't. Once you commit to overcoming and you start to align with all of the ways that you have already overcome, you begin to climb, and you begin to soar. And one victory leads to the next. Turn your face towards the sun, surrendering to the timing of the overcome, climbing higher and higher, until that mountain of a difficulty, that mountain of an obstacle hasn't just been overcome, but surmounted, and is now behind you. Archangel Jeremiel is here are wanting to work with supporting you and reassuring you through this process of overcoming and surmounting. Call on him and ask for his guidance and help.

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