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View Your Life Through A Broader Lens

Our Divine Download for April 17, 2023 is The Mountain from The Earthcraft Oracle Cards. The Mountain comes to you when you are relying too much on your rational mind. You've lost sight of the bigger picture by obsessing over tiny details. You're far too focused on the microcosmic that you've lost sight of the macrocosmic. Without a higher purpose, these details will become meaningless and get list in a sea of confusion and doubt. You're in need of a new perspective to remind you of what really matters and to see your situation from a much higher vantage point and view. Connect with your intuition and ask yourself "What am I reach for, ultimately?" You are ready to ascend to greater heights and to take on new challenges, but first you must figure out where you want or need to ascend to and which challenges are worth your time (as not all are!) Mountains have stood as symbols of achievement, since man first set eyes on them. Many spiritual leaders and teachers have taken pilgrimages to the mountaintops in order to gain perspective on their own lives and what they can offer the world. There are not usually easy journeys, and are often lonely, and even dangerous, but there are great rewards in seeing things from a bird's-eye view. When you're above looking down, you can notice patterns and connections that may have eluded you without that greater perspective. Where will you climb in order to elevate your perspective and see your life and your purpose through the broader macrocosmic lens of higher perspective?

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