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Wait, Actively

Our Divine Download for September 14, 2020 is Waiting from the Messages From the Mermaids Oracle Cards with the message "Call on the qualities of patience while you're waiting for something to happen. Your ship is about to come in!" Waiting can be passive, but usually it needs to be active. Most people tend to wait passively rather than actively. Active waiting asks you to look at what actions you can take while you wait? How can you prepare for your eventual manifestation? What can you do to show the Universe that you're ready and to meet it half way. Patient waiting is fine, but active waiting, excited waiting, where you are bursting at the seems with excitement and anticipation of what's to come makes waiting a more enjoyable experience. It also tends to speed up your manifestation time. So, total bonus! Be mindful that you're not waiting for a specific outcome as telling the Universe how things are going to go doesn't tend to work terribly well. Be mindful of your projected expectations. Active waiting doesn't look much different that simply being, when you use mindfulness to make active waiting easier and pepper it with a little anticipation and excitement. This card tells you definitively that your ship is about to come in, that your patience, your active waiting, your mindfulness will surely be rewarded. Allow that to buoy your faith and lean into this reassurance. Passive waiting is simply that: waiting with the certainty and the knowledge that your ship is coming into port and that you will reap your reward. Active waiting says that there's no reason that you can't swim out to meet the ship if that feels like the right thing to do. When you feel like you've been waiting "too long," ask yourself, how long is too long? It could be that you've grown or fallen out of alignment with what you were originally waiting for and it's a blessing rather than a curse that you have not yet received it. Only you can know and connect to these answers and these truths. But you cannot find these truths if you do not ask the questions. You're waiting, what else have you got to do?

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