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Warmth, Love, and Devotion Enter and Sustain Your Life Now

Our Divine Download for November 26, 2023 is King of Summer/Penguin from the Animal Tarot. In other tarot interpretations the king of summer would be considered the king of water, king of cups, king of hearts, or king or Archangel Raphael. When court cards come up in tarot readings (kind, queen, prince, princess, knights, or pages - depending on the interpretation), it can either reference a person in your life that embodies certain traits similar to what that court card is know for, or it can speak to a situation at hand. The King of Summer is known to be warm, devoted, loving, and faithful - basically everything you could want or ask for in an ideal friend or mate. If there is a person (or even people) in your life about whom you have been having doubts pertaining to their true motives or personality characteristics, this is a card of reassurance that all is well with this person or people, and that they are a good seed or seeds. So you should have no worries or concerns there, with them, or regarding their intentions. The nature of the King of Summer is to be somewhat charitable and take his underlings under his proverbial wing, offering sound advice that is both accurate and wise in nature. The King of Summer is a pretty generous type of person and will lend a helping hand (or wing) regardless of whether or not they have been asked to do so, and again, you can trust that this help, this generosity is coming from a place of compassion with a genuine investment in your well-being. The King of Summer doesn't do anything without thinking about how it can and will benefit all involved in a situation. They are all in and love to show up as the helpers, supporters, and emotional cheerleaders. This card may also be coming up for you now because it could be putting you on notice that it is time for you to adopt the attitude and practices of the King of Summer. And that's not a bad way to be.

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