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We Are the Children

Our Divine Download for August 22, 2020 is Your Children Are Watched Over by Angels from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards. You know all those kiddos that you're worried about? Whether they're yours or all of the kids that your kids might be heading back to school with or all of the kids who aren't going back to school, or even just all of the children of the world...They're A-Ok. They're good. They're protected. Archangel Michael is letting us all know that he is giving all of the kiddos out there some extra protection, courage, strength, and support right now. Phew. So, we don't have to worry over them. We don't have to worry about them. No, things may not be ideal in a lot of their little lives right now, but they're going to be fine. And, when you do feel that worry energy creeping it, surrender it. Give it over to Archangel Michael and thank him for being with and watching over these kids during these turbulent times. And your inner child? Guess what? They're watched over and protected by the Angels right now too. So maybe connect your inner child. Check in with them. See what they need. Because we've been in an on-going period of escalated stresses which can very much trigger our inner children to act our or at the very least to need attention. It is difficult for us, and for our inner child to feel safe in a world that is in a state it has never been in before and dealing with an antagonist that has not been faced in our life time. When these things occur, and our inner children are triggered, often our default coping mechanism is to silence them when they really need to be nurtured, loved, cared for, and shown that everything really is okay and we really are safe. And we are. We all are. Because we have Archangel Michael and a team of Angels watching over all of us - children and inner children alike.

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