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Weave Your Most Magnificent Web!

Our Divine Download for September 2, 2021 is Spirit Weaver from the Earthcraft Oracle Cards. Guess what? You're magical! You're MAGIC! No, seriously! YES! YOU. Magic is not something that is reserved for the lucky or chosen few. Everyone is born with powerful magic, and that magic, YOUR magic stays with you through the end of time, the end of eternity. This means that YOU (YES! YOU!!) are in fact a Spirit Weaver, and as such you have the ability to manifest the life of your dreams! Consider this a gentle reminder of your power. You are absolutely capable of obtaining any life that you choose. Regardless of whether you are seeking wealth, love, healing, success, etc. know that all of this and more are within your grasp, but, the very first step to manifesting a fulfilling life is believing that you can. And you *absolutely* can. Do you believe? Will you believe? Can you afford not to believe?! If you seek the good, good will seek you in return. On the same token, if you focus on the bad, then that is exactly what will find you. It is up to you. Will you sharpen and control your focus? Only you can decide if your cup is full of high-vibrational goodness or low-vibing sticky ickiness. When you weave together the best, most easily accepted, most easily celebrated parts of yourself, you will then be able to watch as you attract even more beauty, abundance, and juicy goodness into your life. Go forth and weave your best reality Spirit Weaver!

Our Angels support our magical spirit weaving essences, and they also understand that when these ideas are new, or have been recently rediscovered, that they can be hard to wrap our human minds around. Our Angels will lovingly guide and support us to weave our most magical lives during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book your Session HERE!


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