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Welcome Victory

Our Divine Download for May 27, 2020 is Victory from the Energy Oracle Cards. This is a card all about success and achievement. Success is on it's way, even if there has been a delay or reversal in a hoped-for outcome. Success can come in the form of a great outer success in which you have a sense of pride in what you've worked to accomplish, or a deep inner change that you've been working towards in a much different way. BOTH types of success should be honored and celebrated! Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking that a great external change is the end all, be all and we forget that there is still inner work to do in order to bring out inner selves in line with our outer circumstances. Be open to every type of victory that shows up for you now, on any level. If success has eluded you, consider if you are truly open to receiving the energy of victory. You may need to restructure or reevaluate, possibly even release your attachment to a specific outcome in order to focus on another. We also sometimes forget that the balance of peaceful surrender can be the biggest most hard won victory of them all. The Affirmation for the Victory card is: "I'm achieving great things within myself and in the world. I see myself as a success in many wonderful ways even now." Celebrate those successes!!


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