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What is Loss or Lacking Will Be Found 10 Fold

Our Divine Download for April 29, 2023 is Loss, Lack/Fear, Victimization from The Priestess of Light Oracle. Whoooooooo Boy, this is a big one. When we lose things, when we feel lack, it is SO very easy for us to buy into, and even settle deeply into the hold that fear likes to hold over us through our ego, and the subsequent victimization mindset that comes right along with it. But how often do we stop and consider when we have lost something, or when we feel as though we are lacking something, what we may have actually gained? Yeah, that's right. When we lose things, or we perceive that we lack things, typically it is because the universe is simply preparing us for something better to come along. There is a finite amount of space in the universe, in our lives, in our homes, even within us. When that space is taken up by other things, there is simply no space for our incoming blessings to land. So we've all hear that alleged cliche that something is a proverbial blessing in disguise, and this can be very, very true. The wise owl featured on this card helps us to tap into our own inner wisdom and the wisdom of the whole universe so that we can see this with greater clarity and ease. So next time you are fixated on what you have lost, or what you potentially lack, see if you can take a step back and look at what you actually stand to gain within that theoretical void.

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