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You Are A Beautiful Part Of The Greater Whole

Our Divine Download for January 25, 2024 is You Are A Divine Facet Of The Universe from the Raise Your Vibration Oracle. Awakening the ability to see on a spiritual level is ultimately your most important inner work or assignment. It is very personal because each of us are unique and bio-individual making the path, and our methodology, what we need to do, unique to each of us as individuals. Seeing divine beings and angels and having direct experiences with the universe are by-products or being able to see yourself. Being able to see yourself is about reclaiming (and proclaiming!) the truth of who you are. You are love. #facts  You are lovable. #facts You are a divine facet of the universe. #facts You are a part of a greater whole. #facts You are connected. #facts  Think of the source of creation as a ginormous diamond with many facets of light. You are one of them. In order for you to begin experiencing the life you desire, you have to release the old stories that you aren't good enough. You ARE good enough - you're MORE than good enough. You are a highly loving, intelligent being. Take some time to reflect on your beauty, talents, and gifts. Be willing to see yourself in all of your glory. Today the Universe is encouraging you to see yourself through its own holy eyes and know that you are a crucial, valuable aspect of it. You are divine!

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