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You Are Divinely Protected

Our Divine Download for September 13, 2023 is Pocket of Protection/Yarrow from The Illustrated Herbiary. Right now, if there is anything that you are worrying about, anything that is concerning you, anything that is scaring you, anything that is causing you to feel unsafe, well, you can just go ahead and blow all of that shit away right now. Because Yarrow shows up for us to tell us that we are entering into a period of extra protection in our lives. This isn't to say that we should just go out and do a bunch of reckless and stupid shit, but that we don't have to worry about our personal safety or the health and safety of our loved ones. Yarrow also reminds us that there are action steps that we can take to add to our proverbial pocket of protection. There are certain stones and crystals we can carry, certain herbs that we can carry and ingest, certain things that we can do like smudging or placing salt and/or crystals around the perimeter of our dwelling. Asking our Angels and our Guides for extra protection is a big one too (because they cannot help us if we do not ask! Free will choice is a hard and fast universal law!) We can also make conscious choices to protect ourselves and our health that we probably do on a routine basis like wearing our seat belts and eating our vegetables. We don't necessarily do these things to protect ourselves in a conscious or mindful way, but we do them because it is the healthy or safe thing to do and in some cases it is also the law. So worry not, the Universe has your back in an extra type of way right now. Don't forget to express your gratitude to the Universe for providing this pocket of protection.

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