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You Are Truly Loved

Our Divine Download for March 2, 2021 is Your Are Loved from the Indigo Angels Oracle Cards. You are loved. You are! But it can be SO very easy to forget that, or not to feel particularly loved when we live in a world that is so full of harshness, judgement, and anything but loving energy. We are born of love regardless of our earthly circumstances and hail from a source of pure love. Love is one of our birth rights which goes hand in a hand with joy. In order to feel the love that truly does exist for us and all around us, we need to first remember who and what we truly are. We are love. Absolute truth. We are conditioned by society to forget that and disconnect from that simple fact so intensely that we become reactionary and we only function in lower vibration emotions like sadness and anger for large periods of time. So many people on this planet react reflexively out of anger. What if we focused on and trained ourselves to react out of love? What a different experience we would all have! But, in order to do that, we need to tap into and tune into the truth of who and what we really truly are and we have to learn to accept and embrace the love that exists for us from our creator and within the Universe. Even those people in our lives who may not show us love the way that we want them to or the ways in which we need them to, they do love us. We all speak different love languages and it can sometimes be easy to forget that and easy to lose sight of the fact that everyone in our lives is facing their own challenges and struggles as well. When we can detach from situations, even just for a moment and try to see the truth of the situation as an observer from the outside looking in, it can sometimes be easier to recognize the true motives and love which exisits within others. When we are feeling an acute lack of love in our lives, it is usually time for us to practice treating ourselves with extreme love and kindness, mimicking that which exists for us within the Universe as a whole. When we are able to fill our own buckets with self love, it can be easier to recognize, accept, and digest the love that others show to us through their own filters of perception and experience. Others are usually doing their best with what they have at the time. But, we can tap into and experience the profound love that exists for us within the Universe any time we choose to focus there. And that my friends, is a beautiful, lovely, loving thing.

Often the unloving experiences of the past color our ability to see and feel the love that those currently in our lives hold for us. Those past experiences and unloving or less than kind energies can settle in our bodies and create blocks to fully experiencing the love which exists for us now. Clear those blocks through a Flower Therapy Chakra Session! Book yours today: Book A Session!


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